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Wooden Floating Stairs
Wendell owner, Up Stairs Rails

Owner, Up Stairs Rails

Wendell has always been drawn to the magic of transformation. From a young age, he discovered the joy of using his hands to create, to change, and to elevate spaces. While woodworking stands as one of his cherished skills, his true passion lies in transforming interiors, specifically through the art of indoor railings. Wendell's vision for "Up Stairs Rails" was born from a desire to help clients achieve their dream look, turning ordinary staircases into extraordinary centerpieces. His unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, combined with his innate ability to understand and materialize clients' aspirations, makes him more than just a craftsman – he's an artist of interior transformation.

More About Up Stairs Rails

In the vibrant heart of Brazil, Wendell first discovered his affinity for woodworking, setting the foundation for what would become a remarkable journey. This passion led him to the United States, where the vast landscape of opportunities beckoned him to further hone his craft and make his mark in the world of railings and stairs.

Mentored by industry trailblazers, Wendell's path took him through prestigious establishments like American Stairs, Ocean Stair Rails, VP Woodworking, and Berome Stairs & Railings. Each chapter added depth to his expertise and broadened his perspective. With years of invaluable experience under his belt, Wendell envisioned a brand that embodied his dedication and mastery: Up Stairs Rails.

In the world of indoor railing installation, the difference between good and exceptional often lies in the minutiae. Wendell understands this distinction deeply. Under his guidance, every member of the Up Stairs Rails team undergoes rigorous training, inheriting Wendell's unparalleled attention to detail and his dedication to the craft. It's not just about installing railings; it's about perfecting the art of stair railing installation.

Sourcing materials is an endeavor that Wendell approaches with the same exacting standards. Only the finest, most durable materials make the cut, ensuring that every project isn't just a visual masterpiece but also a testament to longevity. Wendell's philosophy is simple: quality should never be compromised.

Beyond craftsmanship and material excellence, Up Stairs Rails brings peace of mind to clients. As a fully insured company, clients can rest assured that every project is backed by a commitment to safety, professionalism, and the highest industry standards.

In a realm where precision meets passion, Up Stairs Rails stands as a beacon of excellence, dedicated to elevating every space with impeccable indoor railings and stair installations.

Up Stairs Rails Vision & Mission



To be New Jersey's premier choice for indoor railing solutions, celebrated not just for our exceptional craftsmanship but for our unwavering commitment to elevating every interior space we touch. We envision a future where every client feels valued, heard, and delighted, knowing that with Up Stairs Rails, their dreams aren't just understood—they're brought to life

At Up Stairs Rails, our mission is to seamlessly blend functionality with artistry. Guided by Wendell's passion and decades of expertise, we dedicate ourselves to providing unparalleled indoor railing installation and stair railing solutions. By sourcing the finest materials and fostering a team with meticulous attention to detail, we aim to transform every client's vision into tangible perfection, one railing at a time.

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