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metal balusters and wood railing installation in barnegat nj

Showcasing Craftsmanship in Railing Installations

Discover the artistry of Up Stairs Rails in our project gallery, showcasing a fusion of traditional and modern stair railings. Witness the elegance of wooden handrails, the sleekness of modern balustrades, and the strength of guardrails, all crafted with meticulous attention to detail. Our portfolio highlights an array of designs, from classic banisters to contemporary horizontal railings, each reflecting our commitment to quality and innovation. As you explore, see how each project blends functionality with design, exemplifying our expertise in railing installation and repair. Let our gallery inspire the transformation of your own space.

Our Work:

Traditional Railings

Traditional All Wooden Railings

Immerse yourself in the classic allure of our Traditional Wooden Railings at Up Stairs Rails. Each piece is a testament to artisanal excellence, harmoniously blending the age-old charm of wooden handrails  with contemporary precision. These railings showcase the elegance of traditional staircase handrail designs, enhanced by the intricate detail of wooden balusters. Ideal for both historic homes and modern spaces desiring a classical touch, our banister installation brings a sense of warmth and heritage to any staircase. These railings not only reflect the rich legacy of classic wooden railings but also promise enduring strength, reliability, and safety. Elevate your space with our wooden railings, where historical beauty meets modern functionality.

Metal & Wood Railings

Metal and Wood Railings

Discover the perfect blend of style and durability with our Metal and Wood Railings at Up Stairs Rails. These railings merge the robust structure of wood guardrails with the timeless beauty of metal balusters, creating a striking feature for any staircase. Ideal for modern staircases and railings where contemporary meets classic, our designs feature sleek metal balusters paired with wooden banister. This combination not only ensures a strong and safe railing but also adds a unique, aesthetically pleasing element to both traditional and modern homes. Embrace the elegance of a modern handrail for stairs alongside the warmth of wood, making your stair railing an eye-catching centerpiece of your space.

Modern Stair Railings

Moden Railings

Discover the cutting-edge in stair design with our Modern Stair Railings at Up Stairs Rails. Our collection is a celebration of contemporary stair railings, where sleek lines meet modern aesthetics. Each railing, from the striking modern horizontal railings to the bold black metal railings, is designed to elevate the style quotient of your space. We specialize in modern railings that seamlessly blend with any contemporary decor, offering a range of designs from minimalist to avant-garde. Our modern stair railings are more than just functional elements; they're statement pieces that redefine your staircase as a focal point of modern sophistication.


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